All my posts will be categorized by their topics. So if you’d like to read about a certain topic I write about please hover over the Category tab and click on a topic or you can just click on them below.

Makeup– All my things about makeup. Reviews, rants, pictures, and bullshit.

Victoria’s Secret– My shopping habit, their sales, gift with purchases, and other things related to this addicting store. PSA: I am an employee of Victoria’s Secret.

Love– My ups(mostly) and downs(rarely) with the love of my life.

Food– Well this I don’t think I have to explain. Most of the photos in these blog post will probably be from my iphone6s unless stated otherwise.

Other– I’ll place everything else under this category so I don’t have too many. lol. If I made a category for each subject you’d be scrolling through the longest drop down menu ever.