Small TJ-Maxx Haul

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Today, Shane and I had some errands to run. As we were planning to go home we were passing TJ-Maxx and I told him I wanted to browse and he said, “Yeah baby, of course.” He damn well knows I ain’t just “browsing”, but he still said ok. Lol.

Now, this particular store isn’t that big so it took me about 45 minutes to “browse” my favorite sections. I visited the beauty, shoes, home and accessory sections. Here’s what I actually purchased.

Eyelash curler & tweezers


Beauty Concepts Eyelash Curler $3.99: I’ve been using the same eyelash curler for years now. The black and red Revlon ones you can still find in the stores. Anyway’s I thought this was hella cute, so I totally had to buy it. The handles are soft silicone, and it doesn’t pinch which is awesome!

i on beauty slant & point tweezer set $4.99: I recently just lost one of my tweezers and honestly, I feel like I can’t have enough so I threw this in my cart too. They are both stainless steel, but they’re this copper color and I can see my fingerprints. Oh well, I’m the only one that’s going to be using them anyways!



Reebok Ladies Low-Cut socks $6.99: I couldn’t pass up getting a 10-pack of socks for $7. Where I live, everything is a bit more pricey so when you come across something at a low price you just don’t pass it up or else when you come back it’s already gone.

Do Everything in Love hat $12.99: As I’m about to leave this aisle this really pretty scarf caught my eye. I had to go see it even though it never gets cold enough to wear a scarf I still had to check it out. Then, the back of my hand brushed up against this velvet hat and I was like holy fuck! It was hiding behind this big ugly hat so I wouldn’t have even seen it, but once I did… I put it on and browsed the rest of the store with it on. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE this hat!!



Scentsational Candle “Island Retreat” $6.99: This was actually in the impulse section, but it fits with the rest of my home list because everything on my home list is just candles. Lol. Anyways, this candle smells really fruity, like mangoes. I love it!!


DW Home “Vanilla Latte” $7.99: I can not get over the smell. I gravitate towards coffee smells quite a lot and they’re one of my favorites. This is also my very first candy that has a wooden wick and I really love it. It literally lights within a second or so. Smells amazing!! I could smell it within 10-15 minutes; give or take. It’s lit right now and my home smells like a coffee shop!! This one doesn’t have a link attached because I couldn’t find it on their website.


DW Home “Birthday Cake” $2.99: This candle smells really light but sweet. I lit it the other night and the scent doesn’t really flow through. I don’t know if its because it is so light that you just can’t really smell it, but I let it burn for about 2 1/2 hours and still couldn’t smell it. I probably won’t reach to light this again, unless we have a blackout. Lol.


DW Home Vanilla Bean $7.99: I ‘ve always loved Vanilla Bean scents. I also love drinking it at Starbucks. Lol. Well, I actually drink a Caffe Vanilla frappucino. It’s a Vanilla Bean with coffee. AAAAnnnyways!! I love it. It is a double wick candle which creates a better fragrance effusion!

DW Home Christmas Morning $7.99: I obviously had to buy this! Christmas time is just around the corner and this time of year is my all time favorite!! I couldn’t pass it up! The scents that make up Christmas Morning is Vanilla bean and sugar stirred with dark roast coffee. How lovely does that sound? Anyways I don’t want to light this one yet. I’m going to light this one in December! I have to make it last until Christmas!

Alright well, this was my mini TJ-Maxx haul. I already wanna go back for more candles! What do you buy at TJ-Maxx?

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you have a wonderful day/night. Stay safe out there lovelies!

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