Small TJ-Maxx Haul

Welcome back to my blog. Thank you for stopping by. =)

Today, Shane and I had some errands to run. As we were planning to go home we were passing TJ-Maxx and I told him I wanted to browse and he said, “Yeah baby, of course.” He damn well knows I ain’t just “browsing”, but he still said ok. Lol.

Now, this particular store isn’t that big so it took me about 45 minutes to “browse” my favorite sections. I visited the beauty, shoes, home and accessory sections. Here’s what I actually purchased. Continue reading “Small TJ-Maxx Haul”

Just a little update.

So I received my Sephora package and I ordered the wrong shade! Now I have to go and exchange it and wait for the correct shade to get here.

I went to our Sephora store and the worker told me she can’t do an even exchange and I have to do it through the actual website so this review for the YSL All hours foubdation is going to be delayed.

Anyways will be posting a new post real soon.