August IPSY bag

Hello loves. Welcome back to my blog. Hope you’re all having a beautiful day or night whatever time it may be when you’re reading this.

Today’s post is about what I received in my IPSY bag for the month of August. Yes a little late, but I wanted to test them out first.


Here is the super cute bag that I absolutely adore. Love the Ombre effect!
Really good size to keep in your purse too.

T35 Precise Blending Brush

So one of the things I received in my bag was this blending brush by SLMissGlam.
First impression: “Wow! This is such a beautiful brush. I love the jewel details. Super soft brush as well.” According to their website, they are made with synthetic hairs and also cruelty-free! I did try to work their website and find a link to this specific brush, but they don’t have it sold separately I guess. They have a pack going for $325 which is pricey for some brushes, but hey! If you want it, go all out baby girl!

Seraphine Botanicals
Liquid Coal Waterproof Liquid Liner: $22

I also received this liquid liner which says it is waterproof. I tested this out and it did stay on for the most part, but it does smudge if you touch it. Anytime something says waterproof I test it on my hand first and all though it did last through the water when I dabbed my hand with a paper towel to dry it started to transfer. I do LOVE the tip. It has a sharp tip so I can control it a lot easier. I can make it thin or thick which is a big plus for me. According to their website, this product is Vegan, 93% Natural, NO mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, or gluten, is hypoallergenic and NOT tested on animals. I mean those are some other reasons to give it a try. =)

Voyage Vol.2 Face Palette:$39.50

Now for me, I LOOOVE getting samples from a couple brands; I have a few favorites. TheBalm is definitely one of them. I love the pigmentation and they always give really good products to try. So this one is Willkommen from the Voyage Vol. 2 palette and I’m really into neutrals, brown and tan colors. I’ve used it for my crease as well as an all over the lid color and it looks amazing! TheBalm has a “Beauty in five minutes” Philosophy and you can definitely get that done with this palette. Comes with 9 triple milled eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 2 lip/cheek cream. I would have definitely loved getting that Valkommen color, but this one will do. theBalm is Paraben and Cruelty-Free also which is great!

First Aid Beauty(FAB)
Skin Rescue Red Clay Cleanser: $24

My only skincare item was this red clay cleanser. Although I don’t really care for skincare I always appreciate getting them just because when I do remember to try them I discover a lot of loves. This I actually really loved! I usually use my Clarisonic to really unclog my pores, but I used this alone with just my fingers and I did feel that it unclogged my pores, left it soft and super clean. Something some people don’t like is the smell of something so I’d definitely see if they sell this in stores so you can smell it. Smells like Rosemary. What I really love the most is their website is SO detailed on the product. Tells you what skin types this is best for. Problems this can help with, free from and need to knows. Also, CRUELTY-FREE! Yayy!! BTW. If you have Ebates you get 2.5% cash back. πŸ˜‰

Makeup For Ever
Excessive Lash Arresting Volume Mascara: $25

First off, Makeup For Ever has their friends and family discount going on so it is 25% off ($18.75 for this mascara). Hurry up and get your MFE products now! OK. So I can’t really say how this one worked because I didn’t get the chance to try it. I have a drawer where I place everything I need to try all in that one place and since this was a little travel size I guess it kind of got lost. It does have a 5-star rating on their website so I’m definitely going to hunt this one down and test it out. An update will be on my twitter. =) If you’ve tried it let me know in the comments how you liked it.

Now that is everything I received in my August IPSY bag. I loved everything in this bag! Everything worked really well for me. I did receive my September bag and am testing these products now. Once I get a good test on them all I’ll be back with a new post. =)

Until then all you beautiful people have a wonderful day or night and I’ll see you through the screen.

*PS: Let me know what you got in your IPSY bag! I’d love to read about other peoples experience with them.

*PPS: I just subscribed to Birchbox to test them out as well. I’ve heard a lot of negative things, but I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and see for myself. I will be back with a post on that as well.

*PPPS: I have 5 free glam bags to give away via their website. All you have to do is give me your first and last name and an email address. Must be first time subscribers.

Mahalo and Aloha!

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