July IPSY bag subscription

Hello ladies and gentlemen. How are we doing today? I hope all is well! Let’s just jump into it I’m here to share my July & August IPSY bags. Both are super cute and full of things I actually really like. Some I might forget to use, but I’m sure I’ll use them enough times to get a feel if I like them or not.

July IPSY bag:


The bag is super cute, but I’ve never heard of Gudetama. Lol, but here is the bag I received for July.


I received 2 blushes, 1 crease brush, coconut milk cleanser and an aloe moisturizer.


This is the blush from Ofra. Doesn’t have a name on it, but I checked my IPSY account and can’t find it so I couldn’t even tell you what color this is. Left side is without flash and the right side is with flash. I like the color, but I would probably use it as a highlighter.


I really like this color too, but I’d never use it as a blush. I prefer more pink tones so I’d probably use this for an eyeshadow. Love the pigments for both. They’re not too bad

Here is a makeup brush I received and it is really soft. I am really really excited to try this one. This crease brush is by IBY beauty and on their website, it says that it is made with ultra soft synthetic bristles and it is definitely ultra soft. Love the color of the ferrule too!


Here are the last 2 items in my bag. So the Milk to Foam coconut milk is a mild cleanser which states that it will remove impurities and makeup. I tried it out with a waterproof eyeliner I got in another IPSY bag and it did get it off, but when I took a second look I could still see the liner. Maybe I didn’t leave it on long enough to melt away the product, but I just wanted to give a test.

The last product is the puretem moisturizer. I actually really like this. It made my skin feel soft. Didn’t leave me greasy or oily which is awesome! It says that there is aloe in it which soothes skin and I actually really like the smell. Smells kind of familiar, but I can’t put my tongue on it.

Well, that is my July IPSY bag. Let me know what you got in yours. Don’t get IPSY? Well, lemme know if you have any questions about it or if you ever considered getting it.

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