Morphe X Jaclyn Hill palette

Hello all and welcome back to my blog. I am SO SORRY for being MIA for the past month, but I am glad you’re joining me on this lovely evening (well evening for me. Lol.)

I did write a blog post about my experience purchasing this palette. If you’d like to read it,Β CLICK HERE

Now here is my 2 cents on this new, popular and sold out palette. I’m sure they’re going to restock sometime this month! Make sure you get one!

jac palette-2

First off, check out the hologram signature! Looks amazing.
As you can see I’ve used it, and the outside does get dirty. Gets dirty very easily which frustrates me a little because Morphe’s other palettes is a hard plastic and easy to clean, but I can deal. Especially for this palette.

jac palette-3jac palette open-2

Row 1-JH
Row 1

Alright so for the first row I forgot to take one without the flash which really bothers me, but I think I can deal.

Now, these are all swiped once. I swirled my fingers in a circle once in the pan and quickly swatched it. There is no primer on my arm and my fingers and arm were completely dry. So this is all the work of the palette.

This palette is so extremely creamy and pigmented that I don’t need as much product as I would normally use. I actually tried this palette 4 times this month and my very first time I messed up BAD! So I didn’t realize the amount of product my brush was going to pick up and boy did it pick up the shit out of it! Thankfully it was just my transition color.

Honestly, if you have a friend that’s already purchased it try asking if you can have a sample. Lol. If you plan on buying it once it restocks all I have to say is you won’t be disappointed by the color payout. I think it is a great color scheme and you can truly see all the hard work Jaclyn put into this palette.

Thank you, Jaclyn Hill and Morphe for an awesome palette! And thank you to all my followers and anyone reading this post. You’re all amazing and I hope you have a great day/night!

JACpalette look-2

My lips were a little chapped, but here’s a little neutral look with a pop of that Jada!

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