My recent online orders.

Hellooooo my beautiful people! How are you?

I hope all is well and you had a great July 4th. Now lets get started with the weekend am I right?!

Today’s post is going to be about a couple recent orders I just made. Nothing major, but some things I really wanted to try for quite a while now.


So for the first order is a makeup brush cleaner that’s been lingering on my newsfeed on facebook. I saw it and thought maybe I should try it. So I just went ahead and bought it.

Click here to see which makeup brush cleaner I bought. Also, if you’d like to purchase one for yourself.

It’s from Tech&Social and I’ve never purchased from them before so I was a bit skeptical, but I’m able to return something within 15 days of receiving a broken or wrong item. I will definitely be writing a review of my purchase with Tech&Social and about the actual product. So stay tuned for that.



My next purchase was from Farsali. I’ve been yearning for this since its been all over youtube, IG, snapchat and twitter! I’ve been holding it off till I was able to afford to get all 3 at one time. I mean obviously I had to get all 3 right? Right.

I bought a Unicorn Essence, Rose Gold Elixir, and their Volcanic Elixir. I did use a discount code (EMBDAY) which gives you 20% off your entire order! I bought this off the original website not knowing that it’s available on Sephora. So if you’re part of Sephora’s Beauty Insider then purchase it on there and for even more benefits if you purchase online; link your ebates account to get 8% cash back(as of 7/7) Stay tuned for this purchase as well I will be giving a review after using it for 1 month. =)


Thank you so much for reading my blog and I hope to see all you lovelies very soon.

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