Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale

Alrighty y’all. So here is my experience shopping during VS SAS(semi-annual sale). Head’s up… this may turn into a long post, but there’s more to talk about VS than B&BW so there’s that. Lol. If you’d lilke to see what I purchased just scroll to the very bottom of this post.

With that being said, let’s get down to business.


This is the stand outside of the front of the store. Sport bra & pant for $50. Also, if you’re an angels card holder if you spend over $100 you earn triple points on your entire purchase.IMG_0474IMG_0475Pictured above is from both entrances. They are in the same store on the same floor which is convenient because some of their other stores are so huge they’re on different floors. Only downfall of this being a smaller store is their product is limited.

Anyways, the bins were kind of messy, but I never expect it to be clean every single time of the day. There’s more customers than employees and if a bunch of customers are trashing the whole store 4 employees can’t keep everything organized AND provide customer service at the same exact time all the time. Especially it there are needy customers. Lol.

The bins were pretty organized by size though which is awesome. I’m a 32D at VS and all the bras in the bins were that size. They also had more in the drawers so it was even better. Bra’s were priced from $14.99 and up. Which is great because you can get one of their Dream Angel’s or Very Sexy bras to as little as $20!

There wasn’t any bras I could find that I really loved and didn’t have already so this trip had no lingerie purchases, but the PINK section was another story.IMG_0478

Now in PINK there were racks and racks full of apparel. Jackets, long sleeves, yoga leggings, campus leggings, etc.

I went through every single rack in every single size and I found some pretty good stuff hiding in each size, but in my size. Customers are very clever when it comes to shopping, but so am I. Nothing was lying on the floor which is awesome!

There were just some many apparel to look through, but it was so exciting finding them tucked away in the racks.

IMG_0479I couldn’t really shop through their small rack of swim because it was pretty jam-packed and everything was just falling off the hangers so I didn’t even wanna touch it.

Although, I did see the customer who did it, but like I said, employees can’t keep track of everything a customer trashes and go fix it immediately. IMG_0480

After getting everything I wanted to try on I headed towards the fitting room. This is the size of the handicapped room. Good size with a nice pink bench. Enough space to spread all your things on. They also have a full-sized mirror and the room was really clean. Also, all the rooms have this little doorbell button where when you push it, it rings on the employees walkie and they’re there to help you with whatever you need. Pretty cool right?!
IMG_0481They also have these disposable panty liners if you wanna try their underwear or bathing suits. Real fancy!

IMG_0485As I went to go put away the stuff I didn’t want (I do this at every store, cause I know how it feels to work retail) I spotted their destination section. Pretty clean and organized. Lots of sizes still available too. However, they’re the same apparel all the time. Once in a while they get a new jacket or a couple new shirts, but as of right now all these are the same for some months now.


IMG_0490IMG_0491I saw this really cute backpack on my way to the register, but it was $78.00. I was going to buy it, but I know I’d rarely use it!




Things I purchased:

  1. A 2 pair of knee-high socks – Sale price: $5.99 $12.95
  2. Bombshell sachet – Sale price: $5.25 $15.00
  3. Seamless crop sports bra – Sale price: $9.99 $24.50
  4. PINK terry short – Sale price: $8.99 $24.95
  5. Campus legging – Sale price: $31.99 $45.95
  6. Limited Edition Bonded legging – Sale price: $41.99 $59.95
  7. Yoga legging – Sale Price: $26.99 $39.95

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I hope you have a wonderful day/night.

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