Buying Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette

Hello beautiful! Welcome back to my page. Now judging from the title I’ll be talking about my experience buying the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette. Now let’s get started.

So I stalked morphe and Jaclyn’s IG, snap and twitter. Once I found out what time it launched I realized that 8am PST is 5am Hawaii time, SO I just decided not to even go to sleep. I knew once I fell asleep I won’t wake up to my alarm.

Honestly, I almost gave in to a nice long sleep around 3:45, but just stayed up and tried to pull through. I literally sat on Morphe’s website and made sure my laptop didn’t go to sleep till 4:50 and at that moment I was wired and wide awake.

Once it hit 5am I refreshed the page and it looked the same. I refreshed it again and still nothing. Still that same promotion that her palette was launching at 8am. Me being as smart as I am went into the search bar and searched up, “Jaclyn” and there it was. In all its holiness just sitting waiting for me to place it in my cart.

I placed it into my cart and quickly went to pay for it where I forgot to use her coupon code, “JacAttack” I believe… so I paid the full price for it, but honestly I don’t care! My order was confirmed at 5:02am and an email confirmation was sent at 5:05am. I didn’t wait in line and it didn’t crash on me either so I was super stoked about that! According to Jaclyn Hill via snapchat, the Morphe site had over 200,000 people on it once it was launched and it SOLD OUT IN 45 MINUTES! YES! 45 freaking minutes! She said there was lots of palettes left at the Morphe store in Burbank, CA., but this was yesterday afternoon so I don’t know about now.

I’m just so excited that I actual have it confirmed and being prepared to ship to me. Definitely will have pictures once it is here in my hands!

Thank you lovelies for taking the time to read my post. You’re amazing! See you soon.
Also credit toΒ MitchellΒ for inspiring me to make this post. πŸ˜‰

Photo Credit: Morphe website

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