Bath & Body works semi annual sale

I worked 7 days in a row so when my day off came I really really needed some retail therapy to wind down and relax. So where did I go… Bath & Body Works & Victoria’s Secret. So first I’m going to talk about my shopping experience at B&BW.


So this is a picture from the entrance. The store was extremely clean and well organized. All their items were catagoried by percentage off the original price in these red cardboard boxes. Some items that were in the boxes were open and spilled on some of the other products, but what can you do. Its a sale and some customers just don’t care, sad really. Anyways, for me the smell isn’t strong at all even though the store is mixed with different scents. Lol.


So the way I worked around the store was I started from the front where they had some of the 50% off products. These in the photo went down to $3.25. They had foaming soap to the ones with the beads in them and even the ones that had coconut oil or whatever it was in them. Lol. So after digging and sniffing finding a couple goodies; I moved to the candles which were $11 on sale(not part of the semi annual sale-SAS). I’m still stocked up from when they were $8 so I didn’t pick up any of their candles. Then, I moved to the 60%-75% off bins. Didn’t really find anything, since this sale has been going on for a week or so now. All the good scents probably flew right on outta here. I was going to go on the first day of the sale, but I couldn’t make it due to me having to work. Below are what I did purchase.


Far left picture: This is their aromatherapy line. Originally $13.50, but purchased it for $6.75 each.
The sleep scent is a night time tea body lotion. On the front it says, ” Dream away. Soft and soothing Cedarwood and Orange Essential Oils help calm and comfort like tea before bedtime.”
The stress relief sccent is self-explanatory. It is eucalyptus basil. On the front of this one it says, ” Relax and refresh. A blend of essential oils helps combat mental fatigue to instill clarity.” I bought 2 so my husband can have one too.

The middle photo: This is a ceramic fragrance melt warmer. This was NOT part of their sale, but I had to buy it. $16.50 and $4.50 each for the wax(pictured on the far right). Reviews for each will definitely be coming in a month so I can have some time to test them out.

They also have a sale on some of their soaps not part of their SAS, but its actually a little better than some of their sale prices. The second photo above was $3.25 after the 50% off, but this sale came out to $3. I mean you save a quarter on each soap you buy… why not!

Customer service:

The guy working was super helpful. I was there not too long ago and he was the same person to help me. Gave me space to shop, but made sure I was doing ok after lingering around the store and sniffing everything for about 45 minutes. There was only 1 cashier, but the store had maybe 5 or 6 people including me so the line was about a 2-3 minute wait. Awesome customer service.

Well, that’s it for this post. Coming soon my VS SAS shopping experience.

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