Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale

Alrighty y’all. So here is my experience shopping during VS SAS(semi-annual sale). Head’s up… this may turn into a long post, but there’s more to talk about VS than B&BW so there’s that. Lol. If you’d lilke to see what I purchased just scroll to the very bottom of this post.

With that being said, let’s get down to business.

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Buying Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette

Hello beautiful! Welcome back to my page. Now judging from the title I’ll be talking about my experience buying the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette. Now let’s get started.

So I stalked morphe and Jaclyn’s IG, snap and twitter. Once I found out what time it launched I realized that 8am PST is 5am Hawaii time, SO I just decided not to even go to sleep. I knew once I fell asleep I won’t wake up to my alarm. Continue reading “Buying Morphe x Jaclyn Hill palette”

Leilani’s makeup giveaway CANCELED.

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog.

So I’ve been trying to host a giveaway for 2 weeks now and only 2 people have entered. Which is kind of difficult to host with just 2.

With my biggest apology, this giveaway is canceled until further notice.

I will save these until I can get some traffic going. Or I may just buy some new things for a fresh and brand new makeup giveaway.

For the 2 ladies that did follow and enter the giveaway, stay connected with me until my next giveaway and you 2 will get a GREAT advancement. I already screenshot your comment and saved it so I will definitely remember!! I tried to contact you 2 through your blogs as well, but neither of you have a contact page.

Anyways, contact me if anyone has any questions, comments or concerns. I will do my best to answer or help in any way. Thank you. ❀


Bath & Body works semi annual sale

I worked 7 days in a row so when my day off came I really really needed some retail therapy to wind down and relax. So where did I go… Bath & Body Works & Victoria’s Secret. So first I’m going to talk about my shopping experience at B&BW.

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Leilani’s Makeup giveaway starts now. *Pictures

Please read my GIVEAWAY RULES. <—

Below are pictures of what is being included in my giveaway.

$300+ total value!

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