My dog ate an edible!

This is Dozer my little baby. He weighs about 30-40lbs.

Day 1

A couple weeks ago he ate a very very potent bud brownie. Person we got it from said there was 2oz. in each butter. It fell on the floor without my fiancé or I even knowing and he found it. We went to eat lunch and came back and we just assumed he was really tired. I dropped Shane off to work and came back and he was drooling excessively. He wasn’t moving at all so I tried to get him to get up and excited, but it wasn’t working so I became afraid. I started dropping water into his mouth and thought maybe he was getting sick..? I left his water bowl next to his face and left for work.

In the middle of my shift I thought… Holy fuck! Is it possible Dozer found a bud brownie?? I panicked and tried to get out of work ASAP. Rushed home and checked on our baby. Still hasn’t moved from his spot and at this point I am FREAKING OUT!!! Like how could I have been so irresponsible!

When we walk into the house my fiancé goes up to the dog and starts petting him. Dozer’s eyes get huge, like really big. He looks afraid and right I was!

He starts going crazy and starts barking and I can hear the shrieks in his voice. He barks for a whole minute or two. He’s so afraid and confused; he has no idea what to do! Which made Shane and I nervous. So we leave the house to give him some space.

My fiancé calls the 24 hour vet and she tells us that this type of stuff happens all the time he just needs lots of water and a little bit of time to get it out of his system.

Day 2

I was afraid to sleep near him fearing he would wake up, freak out and bite my face or something so Shane slept in the room to make sure he’s still breathing and he’s ok. When Dozer wakes up he seems a little better. Shane said he woke up to him staring at him which made him nervous. Dozer wagged his tail a bit and got off the couch. He stumbled over to Shane, like he was drunk and jumped on the bed. Still afraid, but wanting comfort. When I walked into the room I guess it was too much for him and he freaked out and went into this little cubby in the house he always goes into. His little safe space. Day 2 was a lot of growls and stares from him so we just left him alone made sure there was lots of water in his bowl and left the door open so he could go outside and get some fresh air.

Day 3

After work we come home and he’s a whole lot better. His tail is wagging like crazy and his water is gone more than half way and his food bowl is empty! At this point I didn’t care if he wanted to bite me I went to hug him and he hugged me back. I was so fucking happy and excited it made me cry. Not the sad tears that’s been pouring out those past few days.

Those 3 days felt like such a long time I couldn’t even imagine going through it again! So lesson very much learned! Keep edibles in a safe spot where your animals cannot reach them or your children too!

img_0347 He’s happy and doing much better now! 💙💙💙

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