IPSY glam bags

So I’ve hit my anniversary(well its actually been 1 year & 2 months to be exact) being subscribed to IPSY. IPSY is a monthly subscription that cost a flat rate of $10. You get 5 mini-sometimes a couple full-size beauty products a month including a little pouch/bag. It is then packaged into an extremely bold pink bubble mailer. (I have to wait a little longer for mines since I live in Hawaii.)


When I see it in my box I always know what’s coming! Continuing on, when I first started my subbie I created and personalized my beauty profile (which you can change as often as you please.) and due to high demand, you start off on a wait list! A wait list? Yup, a wait list. What felt like forever, I probably waited a few weeks to a month to finally get my name on the IPSY list. Yayyyy!

Get started with IPSY! (will open in a new tab)

My first bag was a really colorful pouch that had a portrait of a woman with sunglasses on. In that bag, I got an eye serum, mineral eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, & lip balm. I was not impressed just yet. Other than the eyeshadow I hated the rest of them. But, I didn’t know then what I know now! The more you review the more personalize your bag becomes. You don’t like red? Say you hated the color and they will try not to put it in your bag. Easy as that.

Plus the more you review products you actually personalize your bag even more. Plus each review you leave you get 15 points. Points gets you extra goodies in your glam bag so review as much as possible and get extras in next months package, but get to them fast. They sell out QUICK!

img_2408This is just one of the many bags I’ve received from IPSY. They come out with a new style and print for their bags which I appreciate to the fullest extent. I think Michelle Phan and her stylist team does an amazing job!

Below are some pictures of some products that I really love!!

A couple of them I actually use regualarly and purchased full sized products, so I obviously found some real ride or dies!


Below is a picture of the only thing I HATED!

I try to always test out all the products, but sometimes the skincare and nails products I just sometimes forget about them. I do however, ALWAYS test out eye, face or lip products.


This Smashbox Cosmetics X-Rated mascara is thee worst thing I’ve sampled so far. I read and heard everyone going off about how much they loved it so I was EXTREMELY excited to test this baby out. As I started to put it on it was a slight tingle in my eye, but my eyes are sensitive sometimes so I kept applying and then that shit kicked me like a fucking horse! MY EYES WERE BUUUURRNINNGG!! I had to wipe all my makeup off cuz I just wanted to rub my eyes and get it off and as far away from me as possible. After a couple of months I did a little cleaning of my vanity and came across it again.

I thought, “Maybe it was something else. Maybe my eyes were just too sensitive that day. Lets try one more time.” So I did, and it did it again. Which I then decided to throw that shit out!


I love my IPSY glam bag. I’ve discovered products and brands I have never heard of or was so skeptical of trying. I found loves which I can now not live without. I found hates that I will stay far away from as possible and didn’t even lose out on any money! Plus I have all these little bags that I can reuse or giveaway to my family and friends. If you don’t like it, simply unsubscribe and if you decide, “Hmm, maybe I still want it.” Subscribe again and you won’t have to go back on the waitlist.


  1. Are you subscribed to any monthly beauty subscriptions?
  2. How do you like it?
  3. If you’re not, have you ever wanted to?
  4. Want to join IPSY? Click here

2 thoughts on “IPSY glam bags

  1. Some of my friends are subscribed to IPSY and I really wanted to! I had no idea about the wait list, though. Great post!


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