My thoughts on Arrival & Moana


IMG_2382About the movie: So Arrival is a movie about these alien type things (in the movie it’s called Heptapods) drop down to earth and no one knows or understands why. Then an expert linguist, Louise played by Amy Adams, is asked to come and help communicate with these aliens along with Ian-played by Jeremy Renner.

My thoughts: The story and the acting were really good. I was so confused watching some parts and once the movie ended I was still left thinking what was this part about or that part about. Then, my fiance explained his thoughts and it made sense. I won’t spoil anything, but overall I think this sci-fi is a really good watch. There was like one slow part which almost made me fall asleep, but other than that it’s pretty entertaining.
94% on rotten tomatoes


moanaAbout the movie: A teen girl, Moana-played by Auli’i Cravalho, attracted to the beautiful ocean tries to find her own identity and leaves her home to save her people. She sets sail and finds who she is looking for, Maui-played by Dwayne Johnson, and has him help her return the heart of Te Fiti. They go through a few problems along the way but eventually make it.

My thoughts: I’ve been longing to watch this movie! I was SO HAPPY to see a Polynesian princess, FINALLY! Couldn’t make it to the theaters so we bought it on PlayStation store. I was so happy to watch this. The CG was great. When Moana finds Maui I could not stop watching Maui and Moana’s hair flow through the light breeze. It looked so real… am I really thrilled about hair? YES! Lol. So entertaining and even though Heihei the rooster is an idiot and so stupid; he still made me laugh. Honestly, if you haven’t watched this movie yet you should.
95% on rotten tomatoes

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