My Morphe palettes

I’ve had these for a while now and decided to finally do a review on them. In total, I have 4 morphe palettes and I will talk about them individually which will probably turn this into a very long post so just a heads up. πŸ˜‰ Keep on reading to see what I think. *Click on links to bring you to site. Will open in new window.

35OM palette


This is the infamous 35o palette, but the all matte version. Some colors have some amazing pigment, but then there are the duds. The ones that I have to beg just to give me a little something something. The colors I use the most is probably that deep red on the bottom row 6th color from the left and the one to the right of it. Also, that pretty orange in the top right corner. Don’t get me wrong though I’ve probably used almost every color in this palette.

This palette retails for $22.99

35OS palette

without flash
with flash

Now here is the shimmery version of the 35o palette and I must say this one is pretty spectacular. They are so creamy and pigmented I cannot get enough! Like how in the world!! Yes, I know shimmery colors are usually more pigmented, but these are just simply amazing! I’m not much of a shimmery type of wearer, but I do tend to drop in on this palette more often than usual. I just can’t get enough. Plus, the colors are a major win for me. I love neutral and cool tone colors. Warmer shades are my jam.

This retails for $22.99





35B palette


without flash
with flash


Since I bought both of the 35o palettes I figured I need to get some colored ones as well so I bought the 35B palette. What got me was that yellow(not as pigmented as I was expecting) on the bottom left. Then I saw the red next to the hot pink. Next, I saw the purples and said to myself, “Holy fuck, I like all of them.” So I added it to my cart. I was so excited to get this one. Once it was here I did some swatches. They are pretty pigmented. Some of them better than others, but for the majority of them, they are pretty good. Most of the lighter colors are the ones that you have to really try to get the color to pull through. Honestly, all you need is some fix+ on your brush and you’re good to go.

This retails for $19.99




35C palette

without flash
with flash

On to the last palette. First off, the reason there is no link attached is because it is not on their website anymore. I am not too sure if it has been discontinued or just sold out butΒ thought I should still share. I honestly don’t really like much colors from this one. I thought I did, but once I tested them they aren’t what I was expecting. The majority of these just don’t work for me. Again fix+ will work, but sometimes I just don’t even wanna bother. Maybe about 2 or 3 shades in here I would use but I rarely reach for it.



Alright, that’s it for this review. Overall I really love my 35o palettes. The 35B palette is pretty decent, but if the 35C palette comes back; DO NOT GET IT! It isn’t worth it.



Which palettes each color is from from top to bottom:

  1. 35oS
  2. 35B
  3. 35C
  4. 35oM
  5. 35B
with flash
without flash


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