Gerard Cosmetics ‘Slay all day’ Review


Gerard Cosmetics website
Slay All day setting spray
Slay all day setting spray set
A lot of makeup gurus have been raving over Gerard Cosmetics ‘Slay all day’ setting spray for a long time now, so I decided to buy a set and see for myself what this hype was about.

Once I hit the website I saw that there was a set for $89 for 5 which all comes down to $17.80/bottle. Why the hell not, compared to my MAC’s fix+($24) this was a great price! Anyways, as most of you know GC has different scents for their setting spray. The set you can choose from lavender, lemongrass, peach, jasmine, & green tea and I obviously purchased one of each. As you may have noticed I have more than 5 in my photo that’s because I added an extra one, cucumber! I had to try it, but the mists by themselves go for $22… still a little bit better than MAC.

Upon arrival of these babies, well once I came home to them… I immediately took pictures. The packaging was so pretty I couldn’t resist. Excited as I was I had to test them out the very next day since it was about midnight. So once I got my beast sleep on I did my makeup bs and all that and sprayed the Jasmine scented one all over my face and let me tell you; once I started to breath it in I wanted to rip my face off! Why? The smell was SO STRONG I couldn’t fucking breath anymore… well no I’m over exaggerating like an asshole, but you get the picture!

So after that lesson learned I sprayed each of them into the air first! Ladies and gentlemen I found my ultimate fav scents; peach and cucumber! Once you spray these little magic liquid all over your face you will smell it for hours! I actually went a full 8-hour shift and still smelt my peachy ass face! It was great! Although I wouldn’t recommend it for those of you who are sensitive to smells or don’t like a strong scent. Cucumber is not too bad, but most of them have a stronger scent and can make you wanna die!
Overall: I would recommend this for someone who likes scented sprays and likes a little bit of a dewy finish. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even try it.  I refuse to use the other ones due to their scent.

Last, but not least… how much did I pay?

Slay all day setting spray set: $89
Slay all day setting spray single: $22
Subtotal: $111.00
Standard shipping: FREE
‘Give45’ Discount: -$49.95 (Discount code now expired)
Grand total: $61.05

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