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Hello beautiful! Hope you’re having a wonderful day/night. If not, contact me. I’m a great listener. πŸ€—πŸ˜‰

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Will be ways to get extra entries just go to my Giveaway category and read my rules and see what’s up for grabs in this giveaway. 😁

Good luck and I hope I get to know you all during this event. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

Leilani’s Makeup giveaway starts now. *Pictures

Please read my GIVEAWAY RULES. <—

Below are pictures of what is being included in my giveaway.

$300+ total value!

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Ends on july 7th unless I need to extend it.
  • Open to the US only. Sorry to my international followers, but I will try to have another giveaway open internationally.
  • 18 years or older. Anyone younger than 18 must get a parent/guardians consent for me to obtain your address.
  • Entries=how many times your name is entered into the jar/name generator
  • There will be 2 winners.
    – 1st winner= most entries (will chose from prizes pictured below)
    – 2nd winner= random draw (will receive the half not chosen)
  • Will be shipped via USPS.

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Any questions please feel free to contact me. Good luck to all and I look forward to this fun journey.

Giveaway postponed till tomorrow

Sorry folks. I have to postpone the official giveaway post tomorrow.

I started to take some photos and it got dark. With my lighting it is making everything look orange and I dislike it.

Please stay tuned.


Makeup Giveaway!

My greatest apologies for being inactive…

BUT! I have a huge surprise. Kind of like an apology and a thank you to you all.

I’m hosting a giveaway.

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My dog ate an edible!

img_0347This is Dozer my little baby. He weighs about 30-40lbs.

Day 1

A couple weeks ago he ate a very very potent bud brownie. Person we got it from said there was 2oz. in each butter. It fell on the floor without my fiancΓ© or I even knowing and he found it. We went to eat lunch and came back and we just assumed he was really tired. I dropped Shane off to work and came back and he was drooling excessively. He wasn’t moving at all so I tried to get him to get up and excited, but it wasn’t working so I became afraid. I started dropping water into his mouth and thought maybe he was getting sick..? I left his water bowl next to his face and left for work. Continue reading “My dog ate an edible!”

Macy’s Haul

Hello there beautiful. How are you today/tonight? I hope all is well and good. Now on to today’s post.

So last Wednesday Macy’s had an extra 10% off beauty items and we all know that their coupons never apply to their beauty section so I jumped at the chance. Continue reading “Macy’s Haul”

Meeting my fiance


Hello all and Happy Tuesday. 😁 Here is my post for the day. Hope you enjoy!🀞🏽 Also, comment if you do or don’t. I would love some feedback.πŸ™πŸ½


Hawaii!🏝 Shane and I used to work together at a restaurant. I was a hostess and he was one of the chefs. Continue reading “Meeting my fiance”

My favorite frangrances by Victoria’s Secret

Hello and happy Saturday my beautiful people!

So since working with Victoria’s Secret, I’ve only bought fragrance from our store and I’ve found a couple of them that I really love! Keep on reading to find out which ones. πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “My favorite frangrances by Victoria’s Secret”